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If you attended Inglewood's Morningside High School during the grad years of 1954-1979 this site is for you.  Over a thousand alums have come together here, many of whom haven't seen each other in decades.  See the list of these friends.  Please join and become another one of these connections. 

The purpose of this website is to help reconnect people who were friends while at MHS.  Feel free to use the email information to contact those old friends.  Please do not use the emails for solicitation or mass mailing. 

How to Join
To add your name to the list please complete the Join form.  Please send this URL ( to your MHS friends so they can join the list as well. Please do NOT add other individuals directly to the website.

NEW! Mascots Through the Years
We've assembled photos from Morningside's early years (and a couple of more recent), including one of our first! Click here to see them.

Monthly News Email
An email containing news submitted by members of this MHS site is distributed approximately once each month to members of the website.  Topics include birthdays, weddings, births, performances, and other noteworthy news items.  News items can be submitted online.  Participation in the monthly news mailing list is automatic but optional.  Use the feedback form to request being removed from the list.   (Note: the Maneline newsletter is distributed freely to members of this website only.   For the security and privacy of our members we ask that it not be forwarded to others).

CALLING ALL VETERANS... In the future, MHS is planning to honor all alumni and faculty who served in the Armed Forces so we’re putting together an MHS Veterans list. See who we have so far.

Campus Today
Curious about how our alma mater looks today? We have a collection of photos showing various parts of the campus. See the photos.

Birthday List
As the members of the website grow, so of course does the birthday list. With over 1,000 members the list has gotten pretty long. You can now access the membership list by birthday.

Yearbook Covers
We recently scanned the covers of the first 25 yearbooks. These may bring back memories of teachers, classmates, experiences, and some of the crazy things we used to write in each other's yearbooks.


Newsletter Supplement
Here are extended articles and features from the Mane Line newsletter:

FACULTY SPOTLIGHT... Mr. Franklin brought an idea to the table. We listened. To the fine educators that walked the halls of Monroe and MHS, to you, we dedicate this section. See the spotlights.


Championships! We've tried to be as accurate as possible on this, getting information from various sources. One of our goals is to eventually replace the championship flags in the school gym from the 60's and 70's that have "gone missing." Check this out.


Triple Trio... We now have available names, photos, and album discography of Triple Trio from 1959 to 1970. There's also a photo of the 1958 Continentals. See the info.


HEROES AMONG US... After numerous emails and almost a year in the making we bring you the story of George Webber ('69), USAF Pararescue crewman. Read the story.


HEROES AMONG US, PART 2... On March 17, 2015, Jeff Roberts ('64) was presented with the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (with combat V) for professional achievement while serving in Viet Nam in 1967. Read the story.


MEMORY OF MY FIRST LOVE... Love bloomed quickly one afternoon when I was an 11-year-old 6th grader at Daniel Freeman Elementary School in Inglewood. Read the story.


BACK TO THE FUTURE... by Ernie Aydelotte ('69).  The MHS Class of 1969 held their 40th reunion this past August, 2009. The 1969 reunion was happily intermingled with a mini- Mane Event attended by MHS alumni from other years. Read the reunion story.


TRAVELIN' MAN...  Jamie Kocher ('72) our hot chili pepper eating grad lives in San Diego and Hawaii. I guess the surf wasn't up to his standards so he took off to Nicaragua where he spent 7 to 8 hours a day surfing. See the photos.


MUSIC SAVED Me, by Zenobia Conkerite. "When I hear certain songs on the radio, I get very nostalgic about my 4 years at MHS. It happened to have been a very important time for me because some of the major events of the world and in my private life took place around that same time." Read the article.


FLIGHT 040, by Richard Lee.  His family bid him farewell at LAX in Nov. 1984. He began what was to be a simple 4-day business trip to Saudi Arabia but that was before the hijacking! Read this riveting TRUE-life story.


SMALL WORLD, as shared by Jim Kurtz (�65). Jim Kurtz found the soldier whose name was engraved on his MIA/POW bracelet. He turns out to be the brother of a '63 MHS grad. Read the story.


Mane Event Kudos!

We had a wonderful reunion party called The Mane Event in July 2008.  Check out the feedback we received.

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