MHS Today - Current Photos


Outside the Fallbrook Women's Prison. We don't know why our logo is painted on the side.

Lowest turnout for one of our games. Embarrasing, but the other side is even emptier.

This is where you decide whether to take the left, right, or center sidewalk.

Our refurbished indoor skateboard park.

The Morningside Circle Theatre was constructed in the little-used faculty dining room in the early 1970s. Though the theatre is gone, the mural that welcomed patrons still greets those who enter the room.

The Flo Hyman auditorium.

The all-seeing eye of the Inglewood Unified School District.

Seymore turned away from the camera suddenly.

Closeup of broccoflower.

In honor of the late Señor Green. When he posed for this bust he had been crying and his eye makeup ran.

Betting windows and temporary jail for runaway vending machines.

I think that I shall never see / a thing as lovely as a tree...

"Home of the Monarchs: Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow"

Entrance to the Dennis S. Albright / Michael Van Woy Memorial Gymnasium

Peace and tranquility minutes before the riot started and the S.W.A.T. team and helicopters arrived.

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